This little library of mine

Spend my childhood switching my bed light on and off upon hearing my parents coming up the stairs. Sleep is overrated when there's a good book.

Dona Nicanora's Hat Shop

Doña Nicanora's Hat Shop - Kirstan Hawkins

Build up is a bit slow. Story could have been shorter.

All My Friends are Super Heroes

All My Friends are Superheroes - Andrew Kaufman

Quirky and one of a kind. How often do you find a book in which the experience depends so heavily on the reader and it's interpretation? A multi interpretable book to a point of transcending the two-dimensional and becoming interactive. Rare and truly engaging; as long as you embrace and ravel in the obscurity of intention.

Jacob's Hands

Jacob's Hands: A Fable - Aldous Huxley, Christopher Isherwood, Laura Archera Huxley

Deceivingly simple. Loved it! Simple and at the same time multiple layers that deal with ethical questions, faith, sense of self (and) love. Gorgeous.

No! I don't want to join a book club

No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club: Diary of a Sixtieth Year - Virginia Ironside

No! I don't want to keep reading! Stopped after 75 pages and wish I stopped sooner. Characterisation pretty good because even when I disregard the fluff formula the main character remains very unlikeable.

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